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Used Solo Dresses has grown to become one of the top Irish dance dress selling websites online. That's because the site is always learning, evolving and improving.

The site ranks #1 across the whole of Google's worldwide network for many search terms related to Irish dance dresses (Irish dance dress, used Irish dance dress, Irish dance dresses, used Irish dance dresses) and averages around 260,776 page views per month. That's a lot of people coming to the site looking to buy dresses.

We are dedicated to helping you sell your dress, and providing the best features to help you do so. Should you ever require help regarding your listing, or anything else on the site please don't hesitate to contact us.



100% free listings!


It's 100% FREE to sell dresses on the site. There's no fee to list, and no fee's if you sell! All dresses are listed until sold!+


We offer "Bumps" which push listings back to the first spot in the search results. Bumps are only £1 each. (Listings must be active for 3 days before they can be bumped)

We also offer featured spots on the homepage, at the top of the search page and at the top of our dedicated designer pages. Featured spots are only £5 for 7 days.

+ Listings that haven't been updated in 2+ years where the seller hasn't logged in for over 12 months will be considered abandoned and removed. Sellers will have 90 days to re-list a dress before all listing data is deleted permanently.

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Adding a dress for sale on the site is easy!

  1. First you'll need to Register so you can login and add/update listings.
  2. Once your account is active, you will be able to Add A Dress.
  3. You'll get to see a preview of your listing before posting it on the site!

Your listing will automatically post to our 14,108+ followers on social media within an hour and start attracting interest right away!

Absolutely. In fact, dressmakers / designers tend to do very well on our site as we rank #1 for nearly all designers on google. If we aren't #1 we're generally #2-#3 behind the official site and/or facebook page.

Please contact us to verify your account. Once verified, all your listings will be tagged as for sale by the official designer.

Listing in 2 age ranges isn't necessary on our site because:

1. Our search allows users to search across multiple age ranges. For example, people can search the age ranges 8-10 AND 10-11. So if your dress was listed in one of those ranges, your listing will show in the search results.


2. When using measurements to search for listings, age ranges aren't used.

Unfortunately Used Solo Dresses is only for selling dresses at this time.

We have thought about adding boys costumes and accessories like the other sites, but we decided to stick with what our site does best.

The chances of receiving a scam email through your listing on is VERY low. The site has multiple layers of protection in place to prevent scam emails being sent.

And you will never get spam emails either as your email address cannot be scraped from your listing by email harvesters (bots that crawl the web looking for email addresses).


Testimonials from our happy sellers

Stunning Black Velvet Solo Dress
Celtic Star
Beautiful Dress
Amazing Stage Presence
Gorgeous Gavin Dress For Sale
Stand Out In Beautiful White Kdsf Dress!

Absolutely fantastic. The third dress I've sold via your website! No complaints.

Sighle O Ireland - 9th March 2018

I had our latest dress on this site for a week and it sold. This is the fourth solo dress we have sold on this site. Would highly recommend to everyone.


Our dress sold though an enquiry made on this site. This is an easy to use website and I would be very happy to recommend it to anyone wanting to sell a dress. Thank you.

Melanie L UK

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