Irish Dance Dressmakers And Designers

Below are the irish dance dressmakers and designers we have on the site. If there are any missing from this list or details are incorrect, please contact us and we will update the information!

Other Designers (56)

Collette Robinson

    Costumes Inc.

      Devine Designs

        Jane McDougall

          Jason Hays

            Kate Nolan

              Kathy Rowley Designs

                Lara Upton

                  Laura Colt

                    Lowland Design

                      Marie Horton

                        Mary Dawn

                          Mary Heggarty

                            MB Dress Designs

                              Norah Loughran

                                Peg Hollis

                                  Sue Mullins

                                    Susan Gowin

                                      The Best Dressed

                                        Trish Lennan

                                          Troy Designs

                                            Watson Design