Why am I not receiving emails?

There could be 2 reasons you may not be getting emails through the site.

They're Going To Spam Folders

  • Examine the contents of your junk mail folder now and again looking for false positives and be sure to click on the "Not Spam" button, or your email's equivalent, for every message that is from the site.

  • If you're using a desktop or mobile/cell email program, visit your email provider's web interface if they have one and do the same.

  • Add listings@usedsolodresses.com, info@usedsolodresses.com and newsletter@mailer.usedsolodresses.com to your contact list or email address book. Spam filters often use these as clues to the likelihood of something being spam - if the sender is in your address book then the message is less likely to be considered spam.

  • If your email service or program has the ability, add the usedsolodresses.com domain to your "whitelist", or set up rules that allow you to say "email from usedsolodresses.com should never be marked as spam".

  • And if your "security suite" is interfering with your email, turn that portion of it off - completely.

We recommend "whitelisting" the full domain (usedsolodresses.com) to esure ALL site emails reach your inbox!

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No Emails!

The only way to know if this is the reason is to follow the suggestions above.

The second reason may simply be that buyers haven't taken enough of an interest in your dress to email you. One area to pay close attention to is usually the price. If it is priced too high, most buyers will simply move on. Some may email to try and negotiate, but not many (unless you are accepting offers)!

Added in Seller FAQ on 18th May 2015

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