What does no bling mid-america compliant mean?

The mid-west region in the United States set rules regarding costumes for those under the age of 9 (for boys and girls). They are:

  • The dress may be one piece or two pieces
  • No animal prints
  • No low cut necklines
  • No decorations including rhinestones or sequins of any kind.
  • No reflective fabric / (this does not include satin)
  • No embellishments.
  • Base material and appliqué materials must be solid colors (No plaids, stripes, patterns, flowers or reflective materials, etc).
  • Any embroidery and appliqué used on the dress must be of a traditional nature.
  • Length must comply with An Coimisiun
  • No Jewellery
  • Plain Satin Bows in the hair are allowed but bows may not be attached to the dress or used for a cape.
  • Plain colored satins that do not include sequins, glitter, or crystals are permitted
  • Buckles are allowed on shoes that do not include rhinestones

All current school costumes are Grandfathered into the rule regardless of threads or materials. All rhinestones would need to be removed. (Jan 2012)

All of the above applies to headpieces, socks and shoes.

This rule applies for Boy and Girl Solo Championships and Traditional Set Competitions at the Mid-America Oireachtas

Added in Seller FAQ on 4th Sep 2016

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