I think an email might be a scam

Our system tries to protect sellers as much as possible. But it doesn't hurt to remain vigilant just incase.

The first email a scammer sends is usually innocent enough: "Is this dress still for sale". Unfortunately there is no way to know if this is a scam or not.

Its usually by email 2/3 that it becomes obvious. Its all about the language and grammar of the emails that give it away. For example:

Hello ,thanks for your response towards my mail.

I want to let you know as i have stated previously that i have a shipping company that will be handling the shipping,which once they confirm their payment which is included in the payment coming to you,their representative will contact you in 24hrs for the home pick-up of the Dress . So once you receive the payment,take it to your bank and exchange for instant cash,then deduct your money and send the rest to the shippers information that will be given to you via Money Gram and then you will be notified of pickup time and date as i await your phone number where you can be reached at all time.

The main things to look out for are generally:

  • BAD grammar
  • Mentioning shipping companies/agents
  • Mentioning Money Gram/Western Union
  • ANY mention of deducting funds, and sending the rest back

There are obviously a few different variations, but this is pretty much the format they use and will stand out a mile away once you know what to look for.

If any emails look like this or any on our Scam watch page stop replying to them! If you are still unsure please contact us and we will take a look!

Even when called out, they still try!

First of all want you to know that we are real with this purchase and wont be a party to scam as we are good christians here and what i meant was that the payment will come via bank draft in the mail which the shippers funds will be included with it and once received then you deduct money for the dress and then send the rest to the courier coming for the pickup as they also have other items to be picked up for us at your location and will pickup the dress as well along the line.

Added in Seller FAQ on 18th May 2015

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