How To Add A Listing

1. Register

First you will need to register. This will allow you to login and add/update/remove listings 24/7. It will also allow us to keep you and your email safe from spam/scam.

2. Confirm Email

You will be sent an activation email with a link to activate your account. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder just incase.

3. Add Listing Details

Listing Title

Enter your listing title using descriptive words that match your dress. This will be seen by buyers and search engines. "Irish dance dress" is ok, but "Brand new red siopa rince dress for sale" is much better. Its descriptive, short and people can read a lot about your dress before they even click through to your listing.


Select the designer of the dress, condition of the dress and also the age ranges your dress would be suitable for. These will also be used by buyers searching for dresses.


Next is the description. There is no limit on the length of your description so take advantage of this. Put as many details in there about your dress as you can. Who made it, what colors are used, does it come with bloomers or a tiara? This is where you will really sell your dress (If the photos don't) so be creative and describe the dress and even shipping information if you know the details.

Asking Price

Next is the price. Select your home currency and enter the asking price. You only need to enter numbers and a period (.) if necessary. Anything extra will be automatically removed as it messes up the currency conversions.


Add up to 2/6 photos to your listing.

4. Preview Your Listing

Once you have entered all your information click "Next". This will take you to a preview of your listing showing you what your listing will look like on the site.

If you are happy with the way your listing looks, hit "Add Now". Your listing will appear instantly and be posted to our social media within 1 hour!

If you would like to make changes before you do this, click the "Edit Listing" button.

Ready To List Your Dress?

If you are a new seller, please register. If you are an existing seller, please login.

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