Uploading A Photo

To upload photos to your listing, find your listing on your "My Listings" page and click edit photos.


Images Uploading Sideways

The site tries to auto-orientate images where possible. If they are uploading sideways we have made a tool to rotate images! Click here to rotate images.


We don't recommend using PICCOLLAGE photos on listing sites as they don't show any detail. They may be OK for the likes of facebook but you'll get asked for proper photos by multiple people any way, so you may as well provide them upfront!

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Photo Limitations

Photos uploaded to the site must be less than 3 MB in size.

If your photo is too large you will need to edit it to reduce the filesize. To re-size your photos you can use a free online image editor to re-size your image sizes.

In most instances, its not the actual size of the photo (dimensions), its the filesize that is too big.

Pic Resize

Go To: http://www.picresize.com/

  • Select photo you would like to re-size
  • Then use option 4: enter 1024 in the kilobytes box.
  • When done download the image and upload it to your listing.

Added in How-Tos on 2nd May 2016

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