How does the loyalty program work?

Irish dancers can go through a number of dresses during their dancing career. So to say thank you to those who use our site frequently, we have a Loyalty Program that lets you sell dresses for FREE!

How it works

Each time you add a dress to the site you will earn loyalty points. Once your loyalty balance has at least 9 points you will be able to sell a dress for free!

All you have to do when adding your dress is check the box that asks if you would like to add the dress using your loyalty points. 9 points will be taken off your loyalty balance when you add your dress and your listing will be set as active instantly.

Your points never expire. So if you add a dress today and another in a year, you will still receive your loyalty points to go towards your free dress listings!

Loyalty Points Scale

Points are awarded based on your asking price:

  • $0 - $499 = 2 points
  • $500 - $999 = 3 points
  • $1000 - $1499 = 4 points
  • $1500+ = 5 points

Gain more points with our Featured listings as they will earn you 3 loyalty points too!

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is there a limit to how many free listings can be added?

A. No. If you had a balance of 18 loyalty points, you could add 2 FREE listings and still continue to acquire points on future listings added. (Excluding listings added using loyalty points. No points are earned from free listings)

Q. If I'm not going to use the loyalty points, can I give them to a friend?

A. No. Points acquired by the seller can only be used by the seller.

Terms and Conditions: Free/discounted listings you add to the site will not add points to your loyalty balance. Points are only added AFTER your payment is received. The points/FREE listings are nontransferable, and can only be used by the seller who owns the points.

Added in Seller FAQ on 30th Dec 2010

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