What Is Used Solo Dresses?

Buy And Sell

Used solo dresses connects buyers and sellers of new and used solo dresses. Its kind of like eBay, but think of us as more of a middle man of sorts. We provide a platform to introduce buyers and sellers, and to help people find and sell dresses.

Once a connection has been made, the buyer and seller are responsible for the "transaction" and agree on the terms, payment and shipping.

We have had hundreds of buyers and sellers worldwide who have successfully bought or sold dresses through the site.

Used Solo Dresses Vs. Other Listing Sites

You only need to do a quick google search to find sites offering a buy/sell service. But what makes used solo dresses different?

User Experience

We put a lot of emphasis on user experience and making the site as easy to use and navigate as possible. We also ensure that the mobile version of our site is optimized (more so than the desktop version) since about 60-70%+ of our traffic comes from people using mobile devices. These efforts then translate to better ranking in search engines which in turn results in more visitors and dresses being bought and sold.

No Scam

Scam emails are an unwanted side effect of listing online, so we set out to find ways to combat this issue. We now have several layers of protection in place to catch scam before it is sent. Even if scam was to get through our first few layers, the message will require approval before any emails get sent. So our sellers have piece of mind knowing that the messages they receive through their listings are genuine.

Our protection has proven so successful, it has been able to stop scam that continues to be sent through sites such as done deal and gum tree!

Better Search

All listing sites offer search filtering of some kind, but they are often very limited with most only offering the ability to search for A, B or C. With our search, users can search for A, B and C.

On top of this, our search optimizes each and every query to ensure that the right listings are being returned which increases the chances of matching a buyer and seller.

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