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My buyer saw my dress through both your site and dance again. Love your site and will be listing another dress in the fall. Thank you! :)

Added: 24th Jun 2017 - Kelley H, USA

This is the third dress I have sold through used solo dresses. The site is extremely user friendly, and clearly gets much traffic. My dress sold in less than a week and was viewed almost 700 times. Almost all of my inquires were through this site. Thanks for a user-friendly site. Will continue to use it in the future.

Added: 19th Jun 2017 - Tristan B, USA

Excellent site to sell dress on. Had a quick response and dress sold quickly. Will recommend this site to others. Dress left the UK and arrived 1 day later with purchaser and fits perfectly. Thank you!

Added: 14th Jun 2017 - Fiona R, UK

I tried for ages to sell my dress to no avail. I found out about this site, put the dress up for sale and within 2 weeks it sold. I would recommend this site to anyone that is selling a dress.

Added: 30th May 2017 - Jacky F, UK

This is a wonderful website that gets your dress noticed and sold. Thank You UsedSoloDresses.com!

Added: 18th May 2017 - Danielle A, USA

Fantastic service, put up on Friday and the dress was winging its way to New Zealand a week later, thank you

Added: 12th May 2017 - Lorraine M, UK

I have sold two dresses on this website. I love the option to feature for a short time! Thank you!

Added: 7th May 2017 - Jeanette P, Canada

I have sold 3 dresses on this site over the past month! Easy and very effective!

Added: 4th May 2017 - Tonya S, USA

Great site to sell a dress. Easy to use and very well run!

Added: 29th Apr 2017 - Justine S, USA

Good site, easy to use even for a "techno phobe!" And we didn't have to wait for too long to sell!

Added: 19th Apr 2017 - Anna C, UK

I have sold 2 dresses here in the last 2 weeks! I am a believer!

Added: 11th Apr 2017 - Tonya S, USA

Very good site. Easy to navigate and excellent transaction.

Added: 8th Apr 2017 - Fiona B, UK

Thank you for providing this site to all of us in the Irish dance dress market. Your dedication is much appreciated.

Added: 4th Apr 2017 - C.G, USA

Thank you so much for making this site available. It is easy to use and I was able to sell two dresses. Thank you!

Added: 19th Mar 2017 - Jeanette A, Canada

Delighted I found this site. The dress I advertised sold within 2 weeks. Thank you.

Added: 18th Mar 2017 - Paula G, UK

Fantastic website!

Added: 14th Mar 2017 - Joan M, Ireland

A great website for selling dresses.

Added: 14th Mar 2017 - Deirdre B, UK

Great site to sell a dress. There's a large audience that see the dresses for sale!

Added: 12th Mar 2017 - Amy C, Australia

Thank you very much for offering this site; our dress sale was quick and smooth!

Added: 6th Mar 2017 - Jen H, USA

Brilliant site. Most of the enquiries for my dresses came from this site.

Added: 6th Mar 2017 - Lisa O, UK