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usedsolodress.com made the process of selling my costume so easy! plus the website has been super nice and easy to use.

Added: 17th Oct 2017 - Domino W, USA

From a sellers point of view I think your website is fantastic in that we only need to advertise the dress once. And for those looking to buy they can filter their requirements. A very efficient service. Thanks.

Added: 6th Oct 2017 - Linda B, Ireland

Thank you for allowing me to list one of our dancer's dresses on your site. It's great to know that it will move to the US and be enjoyed by another little dancer.

Added: 5th Oct 2017 - Joanne D, Australia

In the last year I have sold two dresses via usedsolodresses.com. The website is easy to use and nothing is too much for them. Thank you providing such a great service!

Added: 4th Oct 2017 - Paula L, UK

Usedsolodresses.com got eyes on my dresses. I sold 2 dresses that were a year old within a month of posting them.

Added: 3rd Oct 2017 - Timothy K, USA

A very efficient and quick process for both buying and selling Irish dance dresses.

Added: 3rd Oct 2017 - Lisa L, UK

The buyer of the dress was so pleased. Glad I put it on this site, it's obviously the best thing to do. So easy to set up, and your reminders are actually a great help. Keep up the good work and don't change a thing.

Added: 3rd Oct 2017 - Irene B, UK

Thanks so much, awesome site! I've sold two dresses!

Added: 2nd Oct 2017 - Holly B, USA

Great site. We sold the dress on the first enquiry.

Added: 1st Oct 2017 - Nicola F, UK

Fantastic - Thank you for all the help and for making it such a success!!

Added: 29th Sep 2017 - Adrian S, Canada

Fantastic audience and plenty of interested dancers!

Added: 26th Sep 2017 - Tyrene H, UK

Great site - made the sale very easy.

Added: 25th Sep 2017 - Roisin M, Ireland

I sold my dress with the help of your website. Thanks!

Added: 20th Sep 2017 - Jeanette F, USA

This site helped get people looking at our dress, and we sold it within a few weeks!

Added: 20th Sep 2017 - Tim K, USA

Excellent site for selling costumes. Thank you so much.

Added: 18th Sep 2017 - Kate S, Ireland

This site is very user friendly. I will certainly use again.

Added: 13th Sep 2017 - Lynda H, UK

I listed our dress and it was sold within days. Very pleased with this site! Thank you!

Added: 10th Sep 2017 - Laureen T, USA

Thank you, lots of enquiries & sold very quickly.

Added: 9th Sep 2017 - Clare S, UK

Everything went great. Smooth transaction.

Added: 2nd Sep 2017 - Camille W, USA

My dresses sell so fast on this site! Thanks Danny!

Added: 1st Sep 2017 - Mary S, Australia