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Used Solo Dresses is amazing!!!! My dress sold within 2 hours of listing. I personally think you guys are amazing for the design of the site. It is simple, easy to understand and navigate. Very user friendly.

Added: 20th Jul 2015 - Annie H, USA

Such a wonderful experience. Will list future dresses on here. Thank you!

Added: 2nd Jul 2015 - Julee G, USA

Hi Danny, The dress sold within a month. I am always so lucky with your site. Thanks for the great service again. Cheers.

Added: 28th Jun 2015 - Pauline P, Australia

Once again, sold quick. My formula for selling is to price the dress for about half the cost and be willing to accept returns.

Added: 15th Jun 2015 - J. N, USA

Thanks for being such and easy site to use; we sold the dress in a timely fashion and it was a smooth transaction!

Added: 6th Jun 2015 - Carrie L, USA

I really can't imagine listing on any of the other sites. You have, hands down, created the best, most user friendly listing site for dresses. Keep up the great work.

Added: 29th Nov 2014 - Maureen Q, USA

Hi. I sold my dress using your site. The person who bought it contacted me within three days of listing it. I was able make the sale and collect the money before paying for our new dress. This was an ideal situation. I never thought it would sell so quickly and so easily. Thank you.

Added: 13th Nov 2013 - Diana H, USA

When I had some issues uploading my photos I sent a message. Danny got back to me right away and was extremely helpful. Even offered to post them for me. I really appreciated the assistance. The customer service and functionality of the site is top notch!!!!

Added: 26th Feb 2013 - Tara L, Canada

I sold my dress over the weekend (finally... it's only been 8 years since I've worn it) and I wanted to thank you for the sale sign feature. I'm not sure if it helped in my particular sale, but I liked having the QR code available for browsers to see my listing on this site as well as the sale page I printed out. Thank you so much for the ease of use with your site and I look forward to using your services in the future!

Added: 20th Feb 2013 - Maddy H, USA

Definitely worth the reasonable listing price for all of the features - and apparently it's well visited, because the only inquiries I got after listing on Used Solo Dresses, FeisDresses.com and Dance.net were from Used Solo Dresses.

Added: 15th Oct 2012 - Colleen E, USA

Thanks for all your help the above dress is now sold thanks to you. Seems it sold in such a short time (7 days).

Added: 18th Aug 2012 - Jeanette K, Ireland

My sale has been completed successfully and I would definitely use your site again. I had the dress listed on almost all the sites I know and had the most inquiries via USED SOLO DRESSES and sold the dress from there as well.

Added: 18th Aug 2012 - Pauline P, Australia