Shipping an Irish dance dress

Added 17th Mar 2013 by Stacy Farley

When shipping your dress its important to ensure that it is as safe as possible during transit. Here Stacy Farley of Aunt Stacy's Dressmaking shows you how to create a simple "Envelope" to ship your dress.

Stacy uses UPS and also buys insurance for the package.

Shipping an Irish dance dress
  1. Fold the dress in half and wrap the dress in plastic.
  2. Use a large piece of cardboard to form an envelope.
  3. Use 4 smaller pieces of cardboard to create tabs for all 4 sides. Tape these to the inside of the envelope, leaving enough room to place your folded dress in the center. These tabs will prevent the dress from shifting.
  4. Place the plastic wrapped dress in the center, and fold the tabs over. Secure the tabs onto the plastic with tape.
  5. Fold over the envelope and secure with LOTS of tape.
  6. Ship the Irish dance dress!

When shipping overseas there are taxes and duties that can be quite expensive. This needs to be clear to an overseas buyer before purchase.