How to measure an Irish dance dress

Added 27th Aug 2015 by Veronica Carroll

Need to know how to measure an Irish dance dress? Veronica Carroll has provided a guide on how to measure a dancer complete with photos.

One thing we have noticed is that Buyers tend to use the measurements of the dancer, where as sellers tend to provide the measurements of the dress its self. For accuracy, we would suggest that you use the dancers measurements.

But just incase, Veronica has also provided instructions on how to measure an Irish dance costume too!

NOTE: Most dresses today have a longer bodice and shorter skirt with a dropped waist approximately 3"-6" below the natural waist. On older style dresses there is no dropped waist measurement as the bodice and skirt seam is on the natural waist.

Measuring the dancer:

Chest: Measure around fullest part of chest/bust

Waist: Measure around natural waist

Drop Waist: Measure around dropped waist ( where bodice & skirt join)

Shoulders (Across Back): Measure from shoulder to shoulder across top of back

Sleeve: Measure sleeve length from edge of shoulder to hem

Skirt: Measure skirt from dropped waist to desired length

Back of Neck to Drop Waist: Measure from back neck to dropped waist along curve of back

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Drop Waist
Drop Waist
Shoulders Across Back
Shoulders (Across Back)
Back of neck to Drop waist
Back of neck -> Drop Waist

Measuring An Irish Dance Dress:

If measuring your dress flat, you should double the measurement you get for chest, waist and drop waist to make it closer to the true measurement!


  • 1. Drop Waist
  • 2. Natural Waist
  • 3. Chest
  • 4. Front Neck To Hem
  • 5. Sleeve
  • 6. Skirt


  • 7. Across Shoulders (Back)
  • 8. Top Of Zip To Hem
  • 9. Back Neck To Drop Waist

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Dress Front
Dress Back