How much should I sell my Irish dance dress for?

Added 11th Jun 2017 by Danny Lewin

So you're thinking about selling your dress but unsure how much you should be selling it for?

An important thing to remember is that the price you decide to sell your dress at will ultimately determine the number of enquiries you receive and subsequently the length of time it takes to sell. The longer a dress sits unsold, the more its value decreases!

New Irish dance dresses are not all that different to new cars in the sense that once you drive a car off the lot, its value decreases instantly. The same can be said for costumes in a way.

Unfortunately, just because you paid $3000 a year ago, doesn't mean it will still be worth $3000 today; at least in the eye of buyers who are looking for a second hand dress, at a second hand price (within reason). I don't think any buyers would be expecting to get a 6 month old $2500 named designer dress for $800!

As a rule we would say that the only way to sell your Irish dance dress quickly is to price it appropriately. Using its age, condition, style and designer to determine the best price range.

For example, a dress is just over a year old, absolutely stunning and a perfect fit for the dancer. However, if it's priced only a hundred or two below what was probably paid originally, potential buyers will loose interest. This means you loose out on a potential sale and before you know it your dress has been sitting there for 6 months unsold because although the dress itself is attractive, the price is not!

Prices Of Dresses Sold

Below is a sample of 628 dresses sold through the site to demonstrate the prices of dresses sold. 70% of dresses were priced under €1000 EUR (£876 GBP / $1818 USD) at the time of sale.

This information aims to give sellers an indication of what buyers might be willing to pay for a used Irish dance dress. Obviously the age, condition and designer of the dress are all things a buyer will take in to consideration, but this data could be helpful for sellers when pricing their dresses.

Irish dance dress selling prices

Pricing Guide

As a rule of thumb it may be a good idea to price dresses using the scale below as a rough guide:

  • 0-6 months: 10-30% less than originally paid
  • 6-12 months: 25-35% less than originally paid
  • 12-24 months: 30-50% less than originally paid
  • 24+ months: ?? This would depend on how old the dress actually is, how worn, the condition ect.

So if you originally paid say $1500:

  • 0-6 months: ask for: $1050-$1350
  • 6-12 months ask for: $975-$1125
  • 12-24 months ask for: $750-$1050

It may be a good idea to reduce it every 2-4 weeks until you start getting messages. This is when you'll know you're in the right price area!

Bare in mind that a month old dress could be worth less than one that's 6 months old if it wasn't looked after and was covered in tan marks and had crystals missing ect. So when it comes to pricing it really depends on the age of the dress, the condition and if the style is in demand.

One More Thing...

Another thing besides the price that may put buyers off is whether of not you will accept returns.

Not many people would be prepared to give someone on the other side of the world/country a huge sum of money when they don't know if the dress will fit 100% and they haven't had the chance to truly inspect it to make sure there wasn't any damage that previously went unnoticed.

If you price the dress right and are willing to accept returns (at the buyers expense) you will probably sell your dress a lot faster!