Guide To Buying Used Irish Dancing Dresses

Added 17th Mar 2013 by Danny

Dealing With Sellers

You've found the PERFECT dress. What now? Don't be afraid to ask questions. Your making an investment and putting your trust into someone you don't know. The seller should have absolutely NO problem answering any and all questions you may have about the dress and the sale!

Sending Payment

Really, this should be a compromise between you and the seller. But ultimately its up to the seller how the money is to be sent.

NEVER EVER send money via western union. If the seller requests money this way it could be a scam. Scammers use this because its untraceable. Once the money is picked up the other end, you will never know who took it, and you may never see it again!

Payment should be sent first. Once you receive the dress have the dancer try it on. If everything is ok, then notify the seller that you are happy. This will make the sale complete.

If for some reason you want to return the dress, contact the seller and make arrangements. Returns are at the discretion of the seller and the buyer should pay all shipping costs and extra fees/taxes (if applicable)

Shipping And Other Fees

If you decide you don't want the dress and the seller agrees to accept a return, the buyer should pay all shipping costs and extra fees/taxes (if applicable) so that the seller isn't out of pocket. This also includes the cost to send the dress to you.

Protecting Yourself From Scams

Always remember the saying "If its too good to be true, it probably isn't"!

Never rush the sale, or allow yourself to be pressured into a sale. If the seller is being pushy, offers a $2,000 dress to you for only $500 then stay away and forward the email to us.

Sellers should be willing to answer any and all questions about the dress and the sale. If they are hesitant or cant answer your questions then you should use caution. If you aren't sure, forward emails to us and we will help.

Something else to maybe look out for is the photo. Have you seen this dress posted somewhere else, but the details don't match? Was it taken from the designers site? Is there an eBay watermark (camera) on the photos? If so you should be careful.

Danny Says: If I had a dress to sell, and had the photos why would I need to pull them from my eBay listing to post them on a dress listing site?