Avoiding Irish Dance Dress Scams

Added 13th Nov 2013 by Danny

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Scam emails have become a pain for anyone selling (or buying) items online today. If you have tried selling something online be it through craigslist, ebay or any other site, were sure you've received an odd email or two that just didn't sit well. This guide should hopefully help you determine if an email you received is a scam, and help you protect yourself.

What is the scam?

The scam isn't the email. Its what comes next that is important, which you should avoid!

How it works:

The scammer sends an email asking about your item for sale. You reply with details including price, maybe shipping ect. They say they are happy with the item and ask where payment is to be sent. You (hopefully) wait for payment and cash it before sending the dress.

Sounds ok doesn't it? NO!

The scam is the person trying to get money off you. How is this done? Easy. They would typically send you more than the dress and shipping is worth and request that you send the difference back to them. They prey on unsuspecting victims who do this before finding out the payment (cheque, money order) is bad. Once the bank informs you of the bounced payment, you are then left with a negative amount as you have sent money to this person.

Things to look out for

Odd language or grammar

Does the email look like anything you would send a seller? Many times (because the process is automated) emails will say something like "I'm interested in your item". Even if it did say dress, the email may still not read like a normal person wrote it.

Hello,I'm interested in purchasing your item, is it still available for sale?what is your last asking price and preferred mode of payment as i intend paying with money orders. I await your response or text me (xxx)-xxx-xxx
Hello ,Is your goods available for sale ?i need it immediately,,,i also want you to know that i intend paying you via a certified check or money order
Hello ,Is this dress still available for sale ,,,if yes kindly get back to me with the final asking price ,,,i also want you to know that i intend paying you via certified cheque.
Hello ,Is your Dress available for sale ?i need it immediately,,,

Hello Seller

Thanks for the prompt reply i am pleased with your last asking price and present condition… well Payment would be Certified Check Money Order sent to you which i found Easy,Well recognized,which is guaranteed and can easily be cashed immediately. I will be responsible for handling the pick up and shipping arrangement,I have a local private shipping agent who will come over for the pick up,In such a way that everything would be packed,arranged and have them shipped down. They will also be collecting and signing all papers regarding purchase and ownership of the Item on my behalf.I am rest assured that they will handle everything well.

And i will want you to know that i will be paying you through Certified Check or Money Order and i will be needing your mailing information so that i can mail the Certified Check or Money Order to you with no delay.And no pick up will be made until the Certified Check or Money Order is received and cashed by you .kindly get back to me with your payment details










Once the data are provided to me,i can send payment immediately.I will be expecting your reply asap. Kindly reply back with the requested question so as to proceed to payment procedure.

Thanks And God Bless

Shipping agents

Many times "shipping agents" are mentioned. Conveniently, the buyer is away and using a shipping agent to receive the dress.

Money order/certified cheque

While these may be genuine ways a legitimate buyer may pay for a dress, its the other signs you need to look out for. NEVER proceed unless you feel that the person is genuine. And ALWAYS wait for the payment to clear 100% before sending your dress.

Sending more money than needed

This combined with the above is a dead give away. If you are selling your dress for 1,000. Shipping is say 50 but they send you 1,500 and ask for the extra to be sent back to them once you receive their payment; its a scam! You should not communicate with the person any longer.


Allot of people looking to scam tend to work for KLM.

How to protect yourself

Below are some ways to help protect yourself from scams.

Dance School Test

If you suspect the person you are dealing with may be a scammer, ask for their daughters name and maybe email the school yourself to see if they do in fact go there.

On the other hand if a quick Google of the school name shows it to be in a different country than they claim to be from, you should maybe wait on that sale!

Clear Payment FIRST

Wait until the payment has cleared 100% before proceeding. This could take around 7-10 days, but it will ensure you don't loose the dress and your money.

Trust your gut

If you feel 100% confident that the person you are talking to is a genuine buyer then you will easily be able to come to agreements on shipping, price, payments ect.

If you suspect that an email may be a scam, just keep the information and tips on this page in mind.

Still not sure?

If you are selling a dress on any site, you can always check our scam Watch page. We update our database with scammer emails sent through any site when we are made aware of them.

But if you still aren't sure if your buyer is genuine, you can always email us and we will have a look for you and help you decide.

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