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Our advanced search enables buyers to find exactly what they are looking for. You can search for irish dance dresses by designer, age range, condition, measurements and min and max price to set your dress budget.


Enter colors, materials and even a dresses SKU to find dresses.


If you would like to search for a specific designer, select them from the list. If you don't mind who the designer is, leave this option set as any.

Age Range

Though the age range may not be the most accurate, as you'll have to assume that all dresses are about the same size for a particular age range it may be helpful in limiting results to those that may be more suitable. If you are using the measurement search, you may want to leave this option set as any.


If you are looking for a new dress, this option allows you to show only new dresses. Or any other options available. If you don't care about the condition, you can just leave this set as any.


If you select all the measurements, your results may be very limited. Maybe start with the chest and waist, then if there more than 2 pages of results add the next important measurement for you.

If you dont mind buying a dress a little bigger than the sizes you are looking for, you can set the range option. This looks for dresses X inches bigger and smaller than what you are searching for.

So if you are looking for a dress with a chest of 32" and you set the range to +/- 1" inch it will return dresses with a chest between 31" and 33", a waist between X and Y, sleeve between X and Y ect.

Min - Max Price

If you are looking for a dress, but have a very set budget, you can set the min and max price range and only return dresses for sale within those ranges. If you only want to show dresses up to a MAX of say $1000, you will only need to enter the max price.

Order By

There are a few options which include:

Date Added (Most recent first)

Price (Low to High)

Price (High to Low)


Popularity (Total Hits)

Popularity (Total Hearts)


You can select how many results you would like returned on each page.

Image Only

If you would like to only return dresses with a photo added, you can select this option.

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